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Botecad Extra

   Botecad Extra is a liquid additive to Caustic Solution for glass bottle washing in beer and beverage industries. This product is especially developed for cleaning heavy decayed label soiled and mould contaiminated retured glass bottles while still inhibits the glass corrosion.


  • Powerful anti-scaling action in Bottle washer (heat exchanger, spraying nozzles) to improve heat transfer and spraying property.
  • Stable in Hot Caustic solution and long lasting cleaning effect to maintain cleaning efficiency.
  • Excellent wetting power to clean heavy decayed label, soiled and mould contaminated returned glass bottle.
  • Strong sequestering power to assist the rust (on bottle crimp) solubilization.
  • Good inhabitation of glass corrosion during washing.
  • Better waster water as it is the NON PHOSPHATE formula.

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